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Frequently Asked Questions

For any unanswered question please call or email us. We are open Monday- Friday 08:45-16:45

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Fibre is a poly wrapping that is attached to foam by our water-based adhesive to give the foam a rounder look. We recommend both Fibre and Stockinette for all sofa cushion orders to help fill out the covers and stop saggy cover syndrome. We attach fibre to all surfaces of any order you select us to fibre. Please note it adds 0.5cm in thickness to every side.

Stockinette is a netting like covering (not a full covering) that helps to protect foam from damage. It is also very helpful when trying to put foam into and out of covers (if you are washing the covers). If you have fibre we recommend you get stockinette too. We recommend both Fibre and Stockinette for all sofa cushion orders.

Like a “new car smell” foam also has a new smell. It goes in 2-8 weeks depending on the batch and the foam grade. There are ways you can speed up the smell going away. As odd as it sounds you can hoover the foam, which pulls the air through it and helps dissipate the smell faster. You can also store the foam in a warm dry place which will again help the smell disappear sooner.

Yes! All our foams are British made and meet BS5852 (the fire standard) and all other British Standards relating to the use of foam. The only foam that does not meet British Fire Standards is our Grey Packaging foam. This foam is not intended for use in any upholstery or home furnishing applications, it is for packaging only. Please note the packaging foam is still manufactured in the UK.

Yes, most foams change colour over time, this is due to exposure to heat and/or moisture. Most foams take on a yellower colour as they age. Please note variances in the colour of foam you purchase from us in no way effects the lifespan or the performance of the product.

No, sadly you should not get your foam wet and therefore cannot wash/ clean your foam. If you are putting any foam in a situation where it may get wet you should cover it in a waterproof, seam welded cover to protect it.

Yes, we would always recommend you cover any foam purchased from us. It prolongs the life of the foam and also protects it from water, light, animals (they love to scratch and nest in it),general wear etc.

Please watch our video on how to measure sofa cushions. We can also supply samples of all our sofa foams. We recommend you purchase samples if you have never ordered from us before.

With sofa cushions we recommend you measure the amount of foam that will be needed to fill the covers. For the length and width measure from the seam to seam however with the thickness/height the seam to seam thickness/height is normally not enough to actually fill the covers and stop them sagging. We recommend you add 1”-4” to the thickness of your cushions depending on the fill that is needed.

FOR SOFA CUSHIONS WE 100% RECOMMEND A FIBRE/DACRON AND STOCKINETTE COVERING. This will give the foam infills a rounder look and help stop the covers looking saggy. Please note that Fibre/Dacron and Stockinette adds about 0.5cm thickness to all surfaces.

For seating foam, we DO NOT RECOMMEND our firm foam at depths over 4.5” (11.43cm). Foam feels firmer at thicker depths and this foam feels very very firm over 4.5” (11.43cm).

Please call us if you are at all un-sure about which foam grade to pick for your sofa. We can also supply foam samples so that you can get a better idea of what you are purchasing. We recommend that all new customers purchase foam samples from us before ordering.

We can cut to a minimum of 1cm. If you require foam any thinner please call us 01752 345678.

We do not usually. However, we can offer trade accounts/pricing to furniture makers, upholstery companies, soft play manufacturers and anyone that bulk buys foam on a regular basis. To get Trade pricing you must open up a trade account with ourselves. Please call or email us.

Yes, we have a factory showroom you are more then welcome to come to: Foams, Putnams, Eastern Wood Road, Langage Industrial Estate, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 5ET. We are open Monday-Friday 08:45-16:45. Please note we are closed on bank holidays, weekends and a short period over Christmas.