We Cut Foam Hertfordshire

We at We Cut Foam specialised in the supply and distribution of high-density foam products cut to size for a wide range of domestic and commercial use for over 40 years. We stock many different variants of foam densities from very firm to soft, and even memory foam and chip reconstructed foam.

We can manufacture lightweight, functional and durable upholstery seating for bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants. We also sell foam to the public for projects like dining chair pads, sofa cushion refilling, cut to size mattresses, upholstery foam and dog bed foam, we also have memory foam for those who just want some foam to sink into.

We invest in the latest foam cutting technology so for our in house foam cutters so we can get every job right, this also means we have a CNC machine for any precise and intricate cutting.

All you need to do is simply select the shame that is closest to your design, tell us your dimensions and pick a foam density to get an instant quote. Unsure what type of foam is best for your project? Give out friendly staff a call on 01752 204061 or email us at info@putnams.co.uk     

We deliver our foam nationwide; including Hertfordshire so whether you’re in Watford or Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage of Cheshunt we can deliver to you.

Tired of fluffing your pillows every 5 minutes…. We can refill them for you, see our easy guide here…..