Sofa Cushion Refilling Service

Apr 26, 2023

Over time sofa cushions go flat. We offer a nation-wide sofa cushion refilling service.

1. Contact us for a quote (01752 204060 / If you are happy we arrange for your covers to be collected from your home on a day that suits you (£10).

2. We receive your covers. We then re-measure and produce a final quote (if you aren't happy at this stage we send them back to you for free). We take payment and your covers go into our job queue (typically around a week). 

3. We refill your cushions with your desired density of foam (we advise this after speaking with you). 

4. We send your newly refilled covers back to you on a tracked service. Ready for you to pop straight on your sofa.

sofa cushion refilling service how it works near me

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