Terms and Conditions


Please note that although we endeavour to cut foam as accurately as possible orders can be up to 5mm more or less in any one dimension. 

Please also note that the colour of the foam in the images is as accurate as possible however may look different upon arrival due to light/ photography. Also foam discolours over time, taking on a yellower tone once exposed to moisture and light. The colour of foam in no way affects it's use or performance.

We do our best to offer advice on our website when recommending foam for different applications. If you are at all unsure about which foam is best to purchase please call our lovely team (01752 204060) who can recommend you a foam type based on previous customers experiences. You can also purchase a bag of samples from us (recommended if you haven’t purchased from us before). If you are in any doubt about what foam to purchase please order a bag of samples before ordering.

Our idea of firm and your idea of firm could mean completely different things. Please bear that in mind when purchasing. Look at our foam buying guide for more information on foam recommendations for different foam at different thicknesses. As previously mentioned, we recommend you purchase a bag of foam samples if you have never ordered from us before or are at all unsure.

Acceptance of order (our contract)

When buying goods on the internet, you are entering into a legally binding contract. The contract in respect of the products supplied by us to you comes into existence when your order has been accepted by us. For the avoidance of doubt, receipt of payment for an order via our website or other means does not constitute acceptance of an order. Our acceptance of an order does not take place until dispatch of the order, at which point a contract is formed. We reserve the right to cancel an order up to the point of delivery. You will need to be over 18 (the legal age to contract legally) to use this site. Please note that by buying from us you are automatically entered into our mailing list and by submitting your email you give us permission to send you information on our products, if you would like to opt out of this list please email us at info@putnams.co.uk or phone us on 01752345678. We will only send you information on Putnams products including our special offers. If you receive an email and do not wish to receive others then go to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe. We will not share this information with others.

Returns & Delivery

We cannot accept returns for any bespoke cut items of foam (any foam purchased cut to your specific size (including sheets)). Once the foam in your order has been cut we cannot issue any refunds.

If a parcel arrives to you and is clearly damaged please reject the delivery, do not accept it. The delivery will be returned to us and we can arrange a new delivery to be sent out to you at no extra cost.

Please note our chip foam (reconstituted/recycled) can vary in density from batch to batch. Sometimes it is softer, and sometimes it is firmer. This is due to the manufacturing process. All our standard foams are consistent in density.

We are closed over the weekends, at all bank holidays and a short period over Christmas. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

British Fire Standards For Upholstery

All our foams meet British Fire standard BS5852 and are manufactured in the UK. The only foam that doesn’t meet British Fire Standards is our Packaging Grey Foam. This foam is not to be used for upholstery. It is to be used for packaging only.

You cannot wash foam or get it wet. We recommend you cover any foam you purchase from us to protect it from tearing/scratching/discolouring/wearing out.

Sofa Cushions

With sofa cushions we recommend you measure the amount of foam that will be needed to fill the covers. For the length and width measure from the seam to seam however with the thickness/height the seam to seam thickness/height is normally not enough to actually fill the covers and stop them sagging. We recommend you add 1”-4” to the thickness of your cushions depending on the fill that is needed.

FOR SOFA CUSHIONS WE 100% RECOMMEND A FIBRE/DACRON AND STOCKINETTE COVERING. This will give the foam infills a rounder look and help stop the covers looking saggy. Please note that Fibre/Dacron and Stockinette adds about 5mm thickness to all surfaces.

For seating foam, we DO NOT RECOMMEND our firm foam at depths over 4.5” (11.43cm). Foam feels firmer at thicker depths and this foam feels very very firm over 4.5” (11.43cm).

Force Majeure 
We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, quality control issues, industrial disputes, computer systems breakdown, flood, fire, explosion or accident.

We endeavor to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date but gives no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness and will not be responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results arising from the use of the information. We have made all reasonable efforts to accurately display the sizes, colours, shapes and patterns of the goods for sale on our website. Representations of colour are approximate due to limitations of photographic equipment and different output devices. You acknowledge and accept that these may vary. Our product packaging can change at any time and is not classified as a "product" and therefore is not covered by any product guarantees.


All prices are online only, you must order through our website to get these prices. All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling (£) and you will be billed in this currency. The prices are payable for goods that you order are set out on our website. Delivery charges are shown sepertely when ordering your goods. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are inclusive of UK VAT but exclusive of any import or export duties.