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Jun 07, 2024

We can cut foam for a variety of uses including for your latest DIY project. Picking a foam type can be daunting. Call us and we will do our best to advise you (01752 204060). Foam can be used for a variety of DIY projects including; bench seating, footstools, crafting, fancy dress, sound-proofing, insulating, tool protection, packaging and more. 

We stock a large range of foam types and densities for different uses. Typically the thicker foam is the firmer is feels so we recommend firm foams for thin seating and softer foams for thicker seating thicknesses. The same logic can be used for different applications. However as mentioned call our team, explain the use and thickness needed and we can recommend a density.

Below we have listed some more DIY foam project ideas to get you inspired.

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1. Custom Cushions

  • Seat Cushions: Create custom seat cushions for dining chairs, benches, or patio furniture. You can cut the foam to fit any shape and size, then cover it with fabric that matches your decor.
  • Floor Cushions: Make large, comfortable floor cushions for casual seating or meditation areas. These are great for creating a cozy, laid-back vibe in your home.

2. Headboards

  • Upholstered Headboards: Design and build a stylish upholstered headboard for your bed. Foam can be cut to the desired shape, covered with batting for extra softness, and then wrapped in fabric. This adds a personal touch and a bit of luxury to any bedroom.

3. Pet Beds

  • Custom Pet Beds: Create a comfortable and stylish bed for your pet. Cut the foam to fit inside a DIY or existing pet bed frame, and cover it with durable, washable fabric.

4. Window Seats

  • Window Seat Cushions: Add a cozy nook to your home with a custom-made window seat cushion. Cut the foam to the dimensions of your window seat and cover it with fabric that complements your interior design.

5. Ottomans and Footstools

  • DIY Ottomans: Construct a custom ottoman or footstool using foam for padding. You can build the frame from wood, add foam for comfort, and then cover it with fabric or leather. This can serve as extra seating or a footrest.

6. Outdoor Furniture

  • Patio Cushions: Make cushions for outdoor furniture to enhance comfort and style. Use outdoor-friendly fabric and high-density foam to withstand the elements.

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    7. Acoustic Panels

    • Soundproofing Panels: Use foam to create acoustic panels for a home studio or office. These panels can help reduce noise and improve sound quality.

    8. Toys and Play Mats

    • Kids’ Play Mats: Cut foam into shapes to create soft play mats for children. You can cover these with colorful, durable fabric to create a safe and fun play area.
    • Soft Building Blocks: Make large, soft building blocks for young children. Foam blocks covered in fabric can be used for safe, creative play.

    9. Pillows and Bolsters

    • Decorative Pillows: Craft custom throw pillows or bolsters for sofas and beds. Foam can be cut to any shape and size, and you can use various fabrics to match your home decor.

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      10. Exercise Equipment

      • Yoga Bolsters: Create your own yoga bolsters for added support during workouts. These can be covered in sturdy fabric and used for various yoga poses and stretches.

      11. Dining Booths

      • Booth Seating: If you have a breakfast nook or a dining area with built-in seating, you can make custom foam cushions for the benches to add comfort and style.

      12. Theater Seating

      • Home Theater Seats: Upgrade your home theater with custom cushions for maximum comfort. Foam can be cut to fit existing seats or new DIY seating structures.

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        Foam For DIY Projects - UK

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