Triumph Spitfire Classic Car Seats Foam Replacement


These foam replacement seat pads fit a Triumph Spitfire mk 2 & mk 3 Classic car up to 1970. Please note we do not have the correct template for the mk3 backs (only the base).  They are made by hand from foam manufactured in the UK in our Devon factory. The foam meets British fire standard BS5852 and is CertiPUR®. 

  • Sponge/ foam replacements pads for Triumph Spitfire car/vehicle seats.
  • Standardised fit.
  • Made in the UK from UK materials.
  • Handmade.
  • CertiPUR®
  • Meet BS5852 fire standards.
  • They are the same for left hand and right hand.

Bring your beloved spitfire back to life and improve comfort when touring the British Isles with our foam replacement pads. Either buy the Spitfire base or back cushion or buy in a pair.

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Please note that you will recieve one of each item i.e if you select base you will recieve 1 x base if you select base and back you will recieve 1 x base and 1 x back.