Sofa Cushion Foam Re-filling

Sofa cushion foam refilling service

We refill sofa cushions with foam on a regular basis and have thousands of happy households to thank for perfecting our technique.

We have two processes:

  1. You send us your sofa cushion covers
  2. Measure your covers & give us your sizes (W x L x H)

Both processes can yield fantastic results however if you are at all unsure about measuring your cushions, we recommend you go for step one.

Send us your sofa cushion covers:

  • This is the preferred method of sofa cushion foam refilling as the amount of foam required to fill cushions can vary (you don’t want saggy looking cushions from under-filling).
  • This process allows us to perfectly re-fill your sofa cushion covers with foam using our expertly perfected techniques.
  • It also allows you to receive your covers back with the foam already inside saving you the huffing and puffing of trying to put the covers back on.

Measure your covers yourself and do it on our website:

  • This process is faster as you don’t have to wait for us to receive and process your covers within our factory.
  • Sadly, there is room for error in measuring yourself (could end up with saggy cushions or cushions that don’t fit in the covers).
  • You have to put your covers on your foam yourself when you get your new foam inserts.


Send us your sofa cushion covers process:

  1. Roughly measure your covers and get a rough quote online.
  2. If you are happy to go ahead send us your covers on a tracked service to We Cut Foam, Putnams, Eastern Wood Road, Langage Industrial Estate, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 5ET please make sure to include your name, phone number, email and address.
  3. Once we receive the covers, we will contact you to discuss the desired firmness, we will then also quote you over the phone.
  4. If you are happy to go ahead, we will refill your covers and send them back to you on a tracked service (please enquire about lead times when ordering as they can vary). If you are not happy we will send your covers back to you on a tracked service for FREE.
  5. Your covers will arrive back to you already full of the new foam inserts and ready to be used (if you decide to go ahead).


Measure your covers yourself and do it on our website:

  1. Take a tape measure and lay your cushions on a flat surface. Measure the width and length from seam to seam. DO NOT MEASURE THE THICKNESS FROM SEAM TO SEAM. With the thickness we suggest you look at the thickness the cushion actually needs to fill it. See video below. Please also allow for fibre when measuring as it adds 5mm thickness to every surface. We recommend fibre and stockinette for ALL sofa cushions (it helps them look rounder and pads out covers to stop them looking saggy).
  2. Put the measurements into our home page, most sofa cushions are rectangular however they can often be “L” shaped. Select the shape that best fits your covers, if you cannot find a suitable shape or your cushions have a curved L shape it is best you use process 1 and send us your cushion covers.
  3. Select the foam. Foam feels firmer at thicker depths. We do not recommend our firm foam over 4.5” thickness in sofa cushions, as it feels like sitting on a brick.


Here is our guide for sofa cushions:

3”(7.62cm) : Firm foam or Medium foam

4”(10.16cm) : Firm foam or Medium foam or Medium Soft Foam

100% DO NOT RECOMMEND FIRM OVER 4.5” (Foam feels firmer the thicker it is).

5”(12.7cm) : Medium foam or Medium soft foam or Soft foam or Luxury GOLD SOFT foam

6”(15.24) : Medium Soft foam or Soft foam or Luxury GOLD SOFT foam

7”(17.78)+ : Anything thicker we recommend just Soft foam or Luxury GOLD SOFT foam

  1. Make sure to select Fibre & Stockinette as an optional extra.
  2. Check the price. If you are happy with the price go ahead and add the item to your basket, if you have multiple cushions add the rest to your basket and then go through to our secure encrypted checkout to pay. Lead times can vary, please call before ordering to check our current lead times.