Sofa Cushion Foam Re-filling Service

Aug 18, 2020

Our highly recommended sofa cushion foam refilling service has certainly been popular this summer.

With the majority of people spending an increased amount of time at home during lockdown this year, it is hardly surprising!!

If your sofa cushions are feeling uncomfortable and sagging from use, then why not consider having them refilled with new foam to revive their look and support.  

We Cut Foam is based at Putnams in Devon and offer a full sofa cushion foam refilling service. We are highly experienced in filling fabric or leather cushion covers with various types of foams for a perfect fit.

For full details of our service see our dedicated Sofa Cushion Refilling website page.  You will find advice on this page regarding how the service works and a handy video on how to take measurements of your cushion covers in order to obtain a quote.

We offer various different densities of foam to suit personal preferences ranging from a very soft foam through to firm foam and many options in between.  If you are local to us in Devon, you are welcome to visit our showroom where we have a sofa with the various different foam cushions for you to try.

We refill cushion covers on many different makes of sofas or chairs including DFS, Harveys, Laura Ashley, Loaf and many more!

Having your sofa cushion covers refilled is a very cost effective way of extending the life of your sofa and will save you a considerable amount of money compared to buying a new suite.  

We wrap all sofa cushions in fiber to give them a rounder look and fill out the sofa covers. All our foam is British Made and British Cut. It also adheres to all relevant fire standards for you and your families peace of mind.

Sofa Cushion Foam Re-filling Service

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