Window Seat Foam Cut To Size & Shape

Apr 25, 2023

Window Seats - The Best Seat in the House

Are you thinking of creating a window seat in your home, or perhaps you have one already that needs a bit of a makeover?

Window seats are increasing in popularity and quickly becoming a favourite place to sit and pass the time away. Benefitting from having heaps of natural light and often lovely views of your outside space, they also use recesses that would otherwise go to waste. There are so many amazing and creative ideas available online.

Window seats can now be found or created in any room of the house and due to their very nature are bespoke, and come in all shapes and sizes. That is where we can help you.

When thinking about how you are going to complete your look the colour and fabric choice is important, but buying the right seat pad is key to getting the look and comfort level that you want.

Here at We Cut Foam we can provide a foam seat pad cut to the exact size and shape you need. Nothing is too difficult for our expert team. We have many different types of foam to ensure you can achieve the look and comfort level you want. Normally we can do this from your dimensions, but in some circumstances we would ask for a template.

We know that picking the correct foam can be a daunting process. For seating we do not recommend going below 1.5” (3.81cm). Something else to bear in mind is that the thicker the foam the firmer it will feel, but more Information on the types of foam and recommendations can be found here

To order foam simply go to our Home Page, select a shape and put in your sizes. If you need to send us a template select the template shape. You can order it then and there.

To complete your cushion we would 100% recommend adding ‘Fibre and Stockinette’. It helps to fill them out and stop any sagging. This is a fibre layer which is glued (with water based adhesive) around the outside of the cushion, the fibre is then covered with a netting cover (stockinette) to help protect the foam and fibre from damage.

Also importantly all our foam is British Made and all grades (other than our grey packaging foam) meet British Fire standard BS5852.

If you are unsure about what type of foam to purchase or want any advice please either call or email us 01752 204061 Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Window Seat Foam Cut To Size & Shape

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