Bag of Foam Samples


We recommend every first time buyer purchasing a bag of foam samples from us. Our deffinition of firm may be different to your deffinition. This bag will include a sample of all our foams. Keep in mind foam feels firmer when it is thicker so although you make like the feel of our "firm" foam at 2" it will a lot firmer at 5". Please see our foam buying guide for more information or call us on 01752 204060.

Foams included in All Samples:

Firm, Medium, Soft, Luxury gold soft, Memory foam, Packaging foam & Extra Firm/Reconstituted/Chip.

Foams included in sofa cushion samples:

Firm, Medium, Soft, Luxury gold soft.

Please note Medium soft is not included as it is a combination of the Medium and Soft foams laminated together.