3mm Skrim Headliner Upholstery Car Camper Van Foam Lining


Skrim upholstery backed foam (also commonly known as scrim foam) for multiple purposes or use, measuring 152cm (59.5") wide and sold by the metre.   

Scrim foam is a backing foam popular for upholstery, car or van projects, vehicle headlining, crafts, dining seats or chairs.

The skrim headliner upholstery foam can be glued, sewn or stapled or secured to vinyl leatherette to form a thick heavy duty fabric.

The price listed is per metre,  cut from a roll measuring 152cm wide (59.5") 

Scrim Foam Headliner for:

  • Car and Vehicle Upholstery
  • Camper Van Upholstered Walls
  • Van or Truck Headliners
  • Side or Trim Panels
  • Boat or Yacht Interiors
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle Cabins

Alternatively skrim or scrim foam can be used on rigid upholstered pieces to help soften them or as an underlay for hard interior surfaces.

Please select the quantity of metres that you require when placing your order.