Cheap Foam Off Cut - Camping, Mattress Topper, Insulation, Party Flooring


Foam is made in very large blocks and then cut down into orders for our customers. 

Foam blocks come with a thin plastic feeling outer layer. This layer of 'Skin' has to be cut off the block and is what we call an off cut that can't be used on a normal order. 

We sell these off cuts which are normally around 6 ft x 7 ft. They vary in depth and can be anything from 1cm to 4cm. As this is an off cut it can me thinner at some points than others and it can be in any grade of foam, although if you do pick a colour in the variation drop down boxes we will try and match your request. 

You are buying a random sheet of foam that has minimum dimensions of 206cm x 150cm with a minimum depth of 0.5cm. If you are worried that it will not be thick enough then please order a custom sized piece to match your requirements from our other listings.

Ideal for party/ wedding flooring - (simply dispose of after use), bedding, mattress toppers, cheap foam overlays, picnic rug/ mat, to sit on during fireworks displays, to put on your boat as quick and easy seating, camping and exercise mats, Yoga/ Pilates mats etc. Foam skins come with layer of protective waterproofing on one side.