Foam Sofa Cushion Vacuum Bag - Easy fitting cover (48" x 60"

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This is a one time use bag that is sized to fit the majority of sofa cushions. Follow these simple steps to get your foam cushion back in its cover:

  1. Put your foam cushion into the bag.
  2. Gather the bag together at the top around the end of a hoover and twist the bag slightly for a better seal. Hold the bag around the hoover end with one hand.
  3. Turn the hoover on to suck out the air which will shrink the cushion (wait until it is around half of the size 
  4. Turn the hoover off and pull the hoover end out of the bag. Make sure to keep your grip of the bag.
  5. Promomptly put the cushion inside of its cover.
  6. Slowly release your grip of the bag and the air will come back into your cushion.
  7. As the foam expands move the foam and cover where necesary to fill the cushion into the cover.
  8. Reach towards the back of the cushion and rip the bag
  9. Pull the bag out of the cover and zip up the bag


This is a large bag at 122cm x 152cm (48" x 60") so it should fit the majority of sofa cushions. The sofa cushion in the photos is 95cm x 85cm x 16.5cm for reference. 

Please watch our YouTube video for demonstration: