VW / Camper T5 T4 T25 Van or Rock N Roll bed * MEMORY FOAM 2" Mattress Topper


The VW T5 California Beach Roof Mattress Topper in * Memory Foam *  adds extra comfort and help protect against the lumps and bumps whilst on the go.

The Mattress Topper is supplied in two pieces for easy storage when you are travelling.

2" Memory foam mattress topper for rock and roll van bedding.

Use the two pieces of memory foam with a normal sheet on top.

British standard flame retardant foam made and cut in Britain.

Happy travelling!

MADE TO MEASURE FOR A VW T5 California Beach roof bed.

Rock and roll mattress topper.

Total length for each piece of foam - 120cm x 99cm x 2" Deep. 

(surface covered when both laid flat next to each other is 120cm x 198cm x 2")

Please check these sizes fit before purchasing.