Gym Pit Foam - Trampoline Park - Foam Squares Sponge


We cut and supply high quality gym pit foam for skate parks, gymnastic centeres, trampoline parks and many more. Our cubes and logs come in standard sizes but we can easily do bespoke sizes and colours on request. The foam is cut in our factory in Devon so we have full control of the production process.

Our standard cube is 20cm x 20cm x 20cm and a log is 60cm x 10cm x 10cm. 

Calculate the volume of the pit you need to fill and we will offer you an estimated number of logs required to fill the space with a price. Please note that we can do larger pits at cheaper rates so give us a call for a quotation. If you are in Devon or Cornwall why not come out to our factory to check out our quality. You can also request a sample online. 

Volume = length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m)

Please see our table with dimensions for guide quantities and prices. These include delivery to mainland UK. These prices are based on our high density P33/160 however we can mix densities / colours if required. 

A B C Volume  Estimated Number of  Logs Estimated Number of Cubes Log Price Cube Price 
1 1 1 1 117 88  £442.64  £442.64
1 5 5 25 2925 2188  £8852.80  £8852.80
2 5 5 50 5850 4375  £15,935.04  £15,935.04


Our gym pit foam meets British fire Standard BS5852. 

We also supply socks for gym pit foam so get in contact for a quote or sample. We also make The base foam and the protective sides.